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Flower-print cups and saucers inspired by Okinawa’s traditional 'Bingata' textile patterns

By Ben K, grape Japan

Bingata 紅型 is a traditional Okinawan textile dyeing technique that has long attracted people with its bright colors and simple motifs inspired by the flowers, plants, and natural beauty of Okinawa. Now, the unique beauty of Bingata has been made into lovely cups and saucers.

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Here are some wonderful items that will allow you to experience this living tradition of Ryukyu (the ancient name for the Okinawan Kingdom) in your everyday life.

Check out the Ryukyu BINRYU Konoha Cup & Saucer at grape SHOP.

Traditional crafts handed down from the Ryukyu Dynasty for your daily life

Bingata was born from the nature and climate of Okinawa, and during the Ryukyu Dynasty, these specially dyed textiles were worn by royalty and warriors as ancient clothing for ceremonies and rituals.

Tapping into this rich tradition, "BINRYU" is a brand that produces tableware and interior decorative items with Bingata designs.

The cup and saucer set combines traditional and modern features, combining a gentle marbled pattern with a vivid Bingata motif. The cups and saucers are so pretty you'll surely want to use them and admire them.

The Konoha Cup & Saucer - Marble Leaf comes in two types, the blue "Cuore" and the pink "Sourire." They are handmade, so the marble patterns are different for each.

The blue "Cuore" reminds one of the sea and sky of Okinawa

It has a refreshing blue color that makes you feel like you are looking into the sea. You'll enjoy using it not only for coffee but also for black tea and herbal tea.

The pink "Sourire" creates an enchanting, tropical mood

"Sourire" combines a bright tropical motif with gentle pink. It will make your tea time more colorful.

Not only for tea time but also at the dining table

These carefully fashioned cups can also be used without their saucers for drinks such as tea, but also as a little bowl in a traditional meal featuring ochazuke or Japanese pickles, or any other foods you'd like to serve.

The saucers are flat and don't have indentations to hold the cups, so they can also be used as dessert plates. It's fun to think of different ways to use this cup & saucer set.

The BINRYU series also features a variety of other dishes that are full of the charm of Bingata.

For example, this is a salad bowl. It's sure to liven up your dining table.

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We also highly recommend these beautiful Ryukyuan glasses decorated with Bingata motifs.

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