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Folding electric fan Tatamu

By Ben K, grape Japan

Electric fans are far from obsolete, even in 2020. Some people do not have access to air-conditioning where they live, some people feel physically uncomfortable with it, others don't like the noise, and yet others think it's wasteful or simply can't afford the electricity bill. Whether by intent or by necessity, they are used instead of air-conditioning units around the world.

However, even electric fan users will admit that A/C has an advantage when it comes to how much space they take up in the house. Whereas A/C units are usually installed against the wall where they don't get in the way, electric fans can be quite bulky, and especially if you live in a small apartment, it can be quite a challenge to find space to store them when they're not in use. They also often need an electric outlet, which isn't always available where you want your fan to work, and they can be quite heavy to carry around.

But what if you had an electric fan which was not only lightweight, and ran on rechargeable batteries, but could also be folded up flat so that you could slide it into a space less than 3 inches wide?

If that sounds like a fresh breeze, you're in luck: Japanese appliance brand Doshisha is now making their rechargeable folding fan Tatamu available at home appliance and specialty shops all over Japan.

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The Tatamu can run for an impressive 30 hours of continuous use on a single battery charge, which makes it not only great indoors for rooms without electric outlets (or when all your outlets are already taken), but also comes in handy for picnics, camping, or other outdoor activities on hot windless days when relief is needed, not to mention a life-saver after natural disasters the likes of which have occurred in Japan in the last few years during the summer months.

Weighing only 2 kg, the Tatamu is easy to place anywhere in your home or take with you when you head out to the great outdoors.

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Product Details

Price: 12,800 yen plus tax

Dimensions (unfolded): W 29 (11") x D 23 (9") x H 57 (1'10")

Dimensions (folded): W 29 (11") x D 7.5 (3") x H 65.5 (2'2")

Weight: 1.8 kg

Power consumption: 13.3W (50Hz / 60Hz)

Continuous operation time: 4 hours (normal speed), 30 hours (low speed)

The fan is already available at online retailers such as, BIC Camera and Yodobashi Camera. The previous model is currently available at, so chances are that this new model will also become available in the near future. You can search for Doshisha products here.

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At 12800 yen, this fan is 6 times the cost of a normal fan...

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Ugly and expensive. There are very good 360 degree fans for less than half that price and look great.

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Looks like a toy

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