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Footwear for tired eyes?

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Massaging pressure points can treat aches and pains in major organs or problem areas. It’s a commonly used practice in traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology and other forms of alternative medicine. These pressure points can be found all over our bodies such as on our feet and legs, hands and faces. It’s believed that applying pressure onto these points lessens congestion, cures mild headaches and alleviates tension. While it isn’t completely conclusive, some studies show benefits to working with pressure points for mild discomfort. 

Image: Bon Moment

For those who work long hours in front of computer screens, eye strain is a common side effect that can cause headaches and blurry vision. To combat this, Bon Moment has developed slippers with special insoles that target pressure points to provide eye strain relief. There are two protrusions - one underneath the toes and a bigger one underneath the sole. It’s comfortable enough for everyday use and uses a cork-like material for breathability. 

Image: Bon Moment

Available in sizes 23 cm to 27 cm, these slippers retail for ¥2,200.

Source: PR Times

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1 Comment
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This sounds really good, but I am tired all the time (including my eyes.) I would need multiple pairs of them, from wearing them out and to keep me from wondering, "Where the heck did I leave those things?"

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