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Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen are versatile chaps. When they aren’t lending chic interior design to luxury penthouses, they’re decking them out with products like this.

The Chill Serving Platter incorporates a removable cooling pad that can be stashed in the freezer. Stick it under the porcelain plate before serving, and your sushi will stay cool even when the weather’s sweltering. We can see this coming in particularly handy the next time we have a picnic in hell.

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I think sushi tastes much better at room temperature. Brings out the flavor. Very cold slices of raw fish lack taste.

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I'd like to disagree...i like sushi very cold but not frozen!

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Cold sashimi is good but not shari! freezer is full already.

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I like the rice slightly warm but the fish slightly cold, so this won't work. It would be great if it would come as a bowl instead for soba and somen.

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Picnic in hell

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