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“Dammit, where did I leave my keys?” are words that you never need utter again when you’ve got yourself a Loc8tor Lite. Attach a dinky homing tag to your easily waylaid item of choice, and the next time you lose it you’ll be able to search it out using the credit card-sized handset. The Loc8tor uses flashing lights and ET-style bleepy noises to help navigate you to within an inch of whatever you’ve lost, and with a maximum range of over 120 meters, it might even come in useful when you’re trying to remember where you parked your car. Just pray that you don’t lose the handset.

Loc8tor Lite, 12,600 yen. Available from electronics stores, Rakuten and Amazon Japan.

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I'm gonna go right online and order.... um... what was I going to order?

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" the next time you lose it you’ll be able to search it out using the credit card-sized handset. "

So what if you lose your credit card-sized handset? Buy another locator gadget to find that? And if you lose that?

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This is an expensive novelty that I won't feel guilty if I bought.

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It should include a handset if Ioose the handset of the handset of the handset of my key. I'm that forgetful...

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This is great for old people who tend to become absent minded.

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seriously? do people lose stuff so badly that they need to spend THAT much money for locators? take care of your stuff ... we are adults, aren't we?

yes!!! ha ha ... just don't lose the handset!!! nice! hahahahahaha

maybe they will charge 400,000 yen for a locator for the loc8tor lite.

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