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For tired neck and shoulders


From Kiribai Chemical comes this health care product recommended to anyone who suffers from neck and shoulder pain. Natural steam from azuki warms the body and relieves tension. The product is designed to wrap around the lower neck to the upper back. Price: 1,732 yen.

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Natural steam from azuki warms the body and relieves tension.

I understand what Pepsi with azuki is all about but what is exactly natural steam from azuki??

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WOW! I think I just found the perfect Japanese Christimas gift for my dear old mum back home in Mexico! I am not sure she suffers from kata kori etc..but she always gets a kick out of these wacky Japanese things. Maybe I shoudl get one for me self too?

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for the ENDLESSLY tired and stressed japanese worker...yawn

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I think Vegeta had one of these in Dragon Ball Z, cept was blue. So they finally invented them.

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Go out and get some exercise! That's the solution..:)

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