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Fresca Lemon


Coca-Cola Japan has launched a new carbonated beverage, Fresca Lemon, which will be sold exclusively in Seven & i Holdings stores. The sparkling low-calorie drink is aimed at consumers over 30 years of age.

The price is 140 yen for a 490 ml PET bottle.

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Just how do you target a drink for the over 30 crowd?

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You make it alcoholic and you make it cheap.

That'll do it for me and most folk I know....

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You make it alcoholic and you make it cheap.

Sounds good to me too ! (But I can't see where the degree of alcohol is written ?)

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Cuz it's not alcoholic. I had one a couple of days ago, kinda reminds me of the good old Bitter Lemon drinks. The sparkling part is probably not very loved by Japanese, though.

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Because no sugar, and so healthier for old people over 30. Except that it uses chemicals to sweeten. Used to drink a lot of the original Fresca in the 70's because my little brother was diabetic Type 1.

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Fresca is a brand line Coke has launched and withdrawn before. Initially it was targeted at the sober crowd looking for a hip image soft drink alternative for cocktail parties. It also made a tiny splash as 'the' feminist alternative to ginger ale. Basically it flopped then and will flop again. Can't bring the 70s back, why try.

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Can't bring the 70s back, why try.

Because there's not too many tasty soda drinks without sugar out there. At least in US.

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