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Those of us with kids should probably look away now, for just as we’d lost the battle to keep cell phones out of the nursery, along comes McDonald’s Japan with a dastardly plan that combines the technology with more reasons to buy junk food.

The new Smile Factory promotion uses the power of the camera-scannable QR code to draw young ’uns into the McD website, whence they can upload their photos to plaster on the faces of super-fun cartoon characters shaped like — get this — packs of fries, burgers and shakes.

One more click and the personalized junk-food icons can be downloaded to run riot across any cell phone. As if that weren’t bad enough, the characters even recommend menu items kids might like. Go see for yourself — you won’t be lovin’ it. (J Mark Lytle/Metropolis)

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 Go see for yourself — you won’t be lovin’ it.

The kids will! :D

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"a dastardly plan"

"you won't be lovin' it"

Is this news or a commentary?

"fries, burgers and shakes"

Oh, NO! I mean, Oh, YES!!!

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Sweet! I just scored Ron- Donald Makudonarudo on my cellphone!

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The idea is to make us all into clowns. I think its working.

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some parents just have no backbone

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Just another reminder, You, your kids and everyone you know exists for one purpose and ONE purspose only.... To Consume.

Orwell was wrong. It wasn't big brother. It is big company we needed to be worried about. Even big brother exists to consume.

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