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Fujifilm's FinePix


Specifically designed for users who want maximum reach without compromising image quality or convenience, the Fujifilm's FinePix S4500 features a high-quality 30x and 24x Fujinon optical zoom lens in a compact, robust, easy to use body.

The lens makes it ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, keen travellers or sports fans – anywhere that a longer zoom length will help users capture better images. Fast and accurate framing is made by easier with a precise 45-step zoom control.

The Fujinon’ lenses have the company’s hallmark level of expert engineering to minimize chromatic aberrations and distortions. They offer edge-to-edge sharpness and exceptional clarity in images. The S4500 also offers a Super Macro mode that focuses down to just 2cm for detail-filled close-ups.

Inside these cameras is Fujifilm’s unique 1/2.3-inch 14 megapixel CCD sensor. In low-light situations, users can adjust the ISO from 64 up to 6400 and use Fujifilm’s proprietary CCD-Shift image stabilization to help keep images sharp.

As well as high-quality stills captured as both Fine and Normal quality JPEGs, the S4500 offers 720p HD movie capture at 30fps for smooth movies that will impress friends and family – especially when the HDMI output is used to connect the cameras to an HD ready TV for instant playback.

Manual shooting mode, accessed via the mode dial, gives photographers full control of manual shooting such as shutter priority mode or aperture priority mode. In addition to the new technological features offered by the S-series cameras, they have been optimised for faster start-up, improved speed of Auto Focus and an upgraded response time. All this combines to ensure that users won’t miss a shot.

Price: about 30,000 yen

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How much Indian Rs. is 30,000 yen?

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Actually just brought a new DSLR yesterday was tossing up between the Canon 60D and an Olympus model until l saw the FujiFilm XS-1. The picture quality of the Fuji was that much better crisper and brighter than the other two cameras and it looks more rugged and better lens as well. Been playing with it all day and all l can say is lm sold, so l dare say this one would be a good buy as well.

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Using such a camera for wildlife and sports? The marketing is becoming ever more ridiculous...

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How much Indian Rs. is 30,000 yen?

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