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Fujitsu introduces docomo with series ARROWS Kiss F-03D


Fujitsu will release its new smartphone, docomo with series ARROWS Kiss F-03D, available from NTT DoCoMo on Friday.

ARROWS Kiss F-03D is a smartphone with "gem-cut" buttons that sparkle like actual jewelry. Providing users with an option other than finger touch-based operations, ARROWS Kiss F-03D comes with a stylus that makes it easy to write intricate Japanese characters.

In addition to cute and convenient applications, such as a personal diary feature, ARROWS F-03D caters to the fashion requests of female smartphone users with its design and user interface. The smartphone is also equipped with one-segment TV broadcast, mobile wallet (Osaifu Keitai), and infrared communication function. With a compact width of 59mm, ARROWS Kiss F-03D is an elegant, water-resistant smartphone, making it a great choice for first-time users.

With the rapid shift in the market toward smartphones, Fujitsu developed a fashionable mobile phone that adds sparkle to the user without compromising on either aesthetics or functionality.

Encased in a compact jewelry-based design, ARROWS Kiss F-03D comes with a stylus which can be attached by a strap to the smartphone for easy portability. The stylus can be used to write delicate Japanese characters or to select links with pinpoint accuracy, making the mobile phone easy to operate.

Compatible with "Okudake-Juden" wireless recharging, the smartphone can be recharged by simply placing it on the wireless charger thus eliminating the physical process of connecting the handset with a wire-based charger. This feature will become even more convenient as more stores and restaurants throughout Japan become equipped to enable wireless recharging.

The diary application freely allows handwritten input and the posting of photos, just like an analog pocket planner. It is equipped with many fun features, such as memos which enable users to choose from among many cute design templates, and original fonts which enable users to create their own fonts with their handwriting.

Furthermore, the photo enhancement application allows users to decorate photos taken with the smartphone's 8.1 megapixel high-performance camera. With a range of decorative effects including air brushing, users can have fun manipulating photos the same way they do at the "purikura" or print club photo booths that are extremely popular in Japan.

ARROWS Kiss F-03D comes in two colors: Precious White, with white and gold framing; and Elegant Pink, with a pearl pink ambiance.

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About as market-specific a model as one could possibly come up with. "Cute and convenient" -- beat that, Apple!!

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a smartphone with “gem-cut” buttons that sparkle like actual jewelry

Wow, I am speechless. Can it get any better? Even me, an iPhone sceptic, would love to owe such a sparkling gadget. Just love pearl pink, I am still angry that they stopped making my favorite pearl pink nail polish.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Is this made by Matel and not Fujitsu? I could have sworn Barbie had this phone hehehe joking of course. This phone seems to be geared twords the teen and very young adult. What about those of you over 35. Would you use this cute sparkly phone?

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I am way over 35 and i would use this phone. What does pink and sparkly have to do with age?

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Honestly it looks like a toy. I'm sure there will be women like yourselves buying it however I think a majority of women your age would not.

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A lot of women are old here. They'll buy it.

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