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GariGarikun popsicle celebrates 40 years with Ginger Ale & Lemon Squash flavors

By Ben K, grape Japan

GariGarikun ガリガリ君 is a popular brand of Japanese popsicle made by Akagi Nyugyo Co Ltd which is famous for four reasons: 1. the standard soda flavor is available everywhere in Japan. 2. It only costs 70 yen. 3. New flavors come out almost every month and 4. They have an instantly recognizable package design featuring their mascot character Garigarikun, an elementary school kid whose inexhaustible vivacity is only matched by the gargantuan size of his mouth.

We've had a chance to introduce some of the more unusual GariGarikun flavors here at grape Japan. For example, corn souptamagoyaki (sweet omelet) and salted Okinawan chinsuko cookies.

2021 marks the 40th anniversary of the ubiquitous Japanese popsicles. To celebrate the occasion, Akagi Nyugyo is launching two new flavors to kick off the new year: Ginger Ale and Lemon Squash (similar to lemonade in the UK or lemon soda in the U.S.).

Ginger Ale flavor

A ginger ale-flavored popsicle with a center of ginger ale-flavored shaved ice with a fun, crunchy texture. The flavor of ginger with its unique spiciness is reproduced by adding ginger extract.

Price: 70 yen, Calories: 68, Volume: 105 ml. Product page.

Lemon Squash flavor

A lemon soda popsicle with a center of lemon shaved ice with a fun, crunchy texture. Contains lemon juice.

Price: 70 yen, Calories: 69, Volume: 105 ml. Product page.

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