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Ginza Cozy Corner offers Aladdin-themed cakes

By Kay, SoraNews24

Disney’s live-action adaptation of "Aladdin" starring Will Smith seems to be capturing fan’s hearts around the world, but popular Japanese confectioner Ginza Cozy Corner have turned the movie into some delectable treats that look ready to capture our taste buds.

Cozy Corner have given us beautiful edible adaptations of movie characters before, including "Avengers" superheroes and Disney princesses, and once again, they don’t disappoint as they offer a box of lovely bite-sized cakes based on "Aladdin."

▼ Here’s how the nine mini-cakes look packaged in a box.


The “Aladdin Star Festival Collection“, as the selection of cakes is being called, certainly seems to capture the spirit of the movie, and Cozy Corner have even released an image with captions to explain each cake.


Here are the cakes from left to right, bottom to top:

1. Jasmine: White Chocolate Cream Cake with a peacock feather decoration on top

2. Genie: Mint-flavored Cream Tart with a chocolate star topping

3. Aladdin: Lemon-flavored Cream and Berry Cream Tart with a cream feather topping and a chocolate star

4. Rajah: Chocolate Cream Cake Roll with striped patterns symbolizing the tiger’s stripes

5. The Palace: Strawberry and Mango Cream Cake Roll decorated with powdered gold to symbolize the sumptuous palace of the Sultan

6. Abu: Fruit Tart in the image of the scene with the monkey stealing in the market

7. Jafar: Cassis and Mango Cream Cake featuring tropical fruit flavors

8. Magic Lamp: Mango and Coconut Mousse symbolizing the shining lamp topped with a chocolate star

9. Magic Carpet: Lemon-flavored Cream and Blueberry-flavored Sponge Cake Roll with tassle-shaped cream decoration on top

Well, those cakes definitely look magical, don’t they? Plus, the cake selection comes in a lovely illustrated box that should absolutely delight fans of the original animated film.


The Aladdin Star Festival Collection is available at Ginza Cozy Corner locations across Japan for 2,700 yen per box until July 11. Incidentally, as this period coincides with the annual Tanabata Star Festival (celebrated on July 7 in Japan), where legend has it that two star-crossed lovers grant people’s wishes on the single day of the year on which they are allowed to meet, you might even be able to make more than the three wishes granted by the Genie if you eat the cakes around the time of Tanabata.

Source: PR Times

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