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Give your Christmas tree a special scent with Japanese fallen leaf incense ornaments

By grape Japan

Founded in 1893, incense maker Kunjudo embodies the rich and constantly evolving incense making tradition of Awaji Island. A highlight of the skilled artisans preserving and creatively reinvigorating the company's 120 years of craft has been the very popular HA KO (a combination of the Japanese words for "leaf" and "incense"), elegant and fragrant paper leaf-shaped incense.

The scented "fallen leaves" provide a creative and beautiful way to enjoy pleasant aromas, and even work as decoration, and are available to order online from Grape Shop in a variety of aromas and colors.

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Now as a scented seasonal treat, HA KO is available as a fragrant ornament to decorate Christmas trees.

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The HA KO ornaments come with a special silk string crafted by renowned Kyoto textile maker Showen Kumihimo to easily attach them to your Christmas Tree. The leaves already carry subtle but pleasant aromas on their own, but when the season finishes, you can burn them as incense to unlock their full fragrance.

Photo: grape Shop

Photo: grape Shop

Of course, even without a tree or Christmas celebration, they make for great decorations around the house to add some aroma to your home.

Photo: grape Shop

Photo: grape Shop

The HA KO ornaments are available in two different colors (white and black) which provide different sets of fragrances.

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The white HA KO ornaments come with a refreshing cedar scent, inspired by a coniferous forest.

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Meanwhile the black HA KO ornaments are a blend of deep forest earthy vetiver and crisp cypress scents.

Photo: grape Shop

You can send it as a gift with a message sticker, or you can put a stamp on the box and send it as a Christmas card.

You can check out the entire HA KO series at grape SHOP.

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These actually look pretty neat, might get some for our tree and maybe as a small gift for someone.

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Err, not at those prices I won’t…

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