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Give yourself a starry and lunar aura with full moon umbrella

By grape Japan

If you're not looking to settle for the clear and cheap umbrellas you see at convenience stores in Japan, you can always opt for giant fried shrimp umbrellas or umbrellas that give you an ocean view of jellyfish.

Japanese oddity and fashion retailer Village Vanguard is a collaboration with illustrator Atsuki Ito and Lumiebre, a producer of stylish umbrellas and parasols for Gothic Lolita fashion. It's an elegant umbrella that provides the view of a full moon in a starry night sky on its interior.


The actual illustration has watercolor touches, and if you look closely you'll see ribbons and leaping rabbits on both the moon and in the night sky.



The bamboo handle and large tassel give it a stylish look that can be used in daylight, and its outer build is sturdy enough to protect from rain and winds.


The "Lumiebre FULLMOON tonight(gray)" umbrella is available from Village Vanguard's online store in Japan for 13,200 yen, but can also be ordered from Amazon as well.

You can also follow Lumiebre and check out their online stores for even more stylish umbrellas and parasols.

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An interesting concept but that 'moon' looks like a pizza without the toppings.

When I went to a Bryan Ferry concert 3 years ago the venders were selling an umbrella that had the cover art of the Roxy Music album 'Country Life' on the inside. That's two scantily clad German women standing in front of shrubbery. Man I got a good laugh out of seeing that.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Bryan Ferry concert???, so boooooooring !!!!...


-1 ( +0 / -1 )

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