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Glowing and flashing gaming masks

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By grape Japan

For good reason, masks are in high demand at the moment. Even before the novel coronavirus pandemic, masks have been used in Japan for a variety of reasons such as protection against hay fever, colds, and even for simply a sense of privacy or anonymity. Facing a bigger need for masks, however, has prompted several manufacturers to release unique and stylish masks, such as a special effects artist who designed a mask that allows you to bare the fangs of a fearsome horror creature.

Japanese company Spec Computer is making sure gamers aren't left out on the trendy mask train. They've recently announced flashing and glowing gaming mask covers powered by USB-chargeable LED lights.

The "Illumi-on Twinkling Mouth Cover" come in both black and white original coloring, but cycle through a range of 7 flashing colors: blue, yellow, light blue, red, green, purple, and white.


It's important to note that they are covers intended to be worn over masks rather than simply used on their own. While the masks are being marketed towards gamers, Spec Computer also suggests using them for festive events such as idol concerts , clubbing, and Halloween.

The masks are available to order from Spec Computer directly, although they also have their own Amazon store.

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1 Comment
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Is it washable, which is important for reusable masks?

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