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Go hands-free with the wearable umbrella


Japan is often known for its unorthodox gadgets, and with Thanko’s backpack umbrella, that trend shows no signs of slowing down.

As well as including an umbrella, the product also includes straps which allow you to attach the umbrella directly to yourself. Freeing up both your hands, this simple product should help photographers, cyclists and outdoors workers alike.

The umbrella isn’t tied directly to the straps, so you can use it in the normal fashion should the mood take you.

Price: 3,480 (including tax)

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DId they fix the umbrella so the skin won't rip off in strong winds?

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Oh dear.

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I would say the design is not bad. However, it does take a bit of work to remove the straps.

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What happens when you have to lean over? Does this thing have a tilt function? Even a five to ten degree lean would expose your back (or front) to direct rain. During strong winds, a light person could become like the "Flying Nun." Would not be caught dead wearing this contraption.

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Go play with in a typhoon and lets QC this bad boy! LOL Weird.....

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Not bad looking, but try getting in the Yamanote line during morning and evening rush hour.

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It is good to have options, and for some people, at some times, such an invention might be practical. IMO, a conventional umbrella would be more practical in most circumstances, but I will be happy to be proven wrong.

An aside.....we were touring an Etruscan museum in Tarquinia, Italy, wherein they have many beautiful and stunning artifacts, due to the nearby Etruscan tombs. I was surprised to see on display the remains of a nearly three thousand year old parasol and/or umbrella. Something about the idea of this sort of thing being invented three thousand or more years ago puts me in awe. Today the umbrella is ubiquitous, but at some point in history it must have been as strange a sight as the invention in this article appears.

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I personally think every family should have these for when out of country visitors come over, you can give them this one.

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I have an even better idea. It's called a rainsuit, which keeps you dryer, and won't collapse in strong winds.

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You need 10 times the cash to buy this and look like a prat....

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This is great for trail runners, runners and cyclists also.

I am just skeptical on how the public will take to the product.

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Do you ever read the news?!? No, this is not great for cyclists!

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Judging from the picture above, especially the one operating a smartphone, I guess this will be popular and beneficial for those countless aruki-sumaho people during rain!

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this simple product should help photographers, cyclists and outdoors workers alike.

Yep pretty sure tradies will love it! Huge market.

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