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Golden Tokyo Tower


Jeweler Ginza Tanaka Corp is selling (or hoping to sell) a miniature of Tokyo Tower made out of pure gold for 50 million yen. The 66-centimeter tower, which weighs 5 kilograms, was made to mark the 50th birthday of Tokyo Tower this week

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At the current gold value/gram, and current yen rate, they are trying to sell you approximately $136,100 worth of gold for approximately $553,600. That's about a $417,500 profit for each one they sell.

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Well, but you have to appreciate the art work. Rather than look at the real Tokyo Tower out of your window, you can look at this replica on your desk. Isn´t that pleasure worth a paltry 40 million yen?

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The Japanese economy can't be that bad if somebody actually buys a paperweight like this.

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50 years old Golden Tokyo Tower may be a good buy for Silver Aged person.

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i wonder who would afford it...:)

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50 million yen!! omg thats about $800,000 AUD. o_O;;;

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