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GoPro Motorsports Hero


One day, it’ll probably seem quaint to think that snowboarders once had to describe the amazing run they just rode, rather than just showing their mates the movie. The GoPro Motorsports Hero is a high-definition video camera designed specifically with extreme sports types in mind: just strap one to your board or helmet and you can capture your exploits in all their wide-angle glory.

It can shoot over four hours of full HD footage (up to eight hours at standard resolutions) and is waterproof to depths of 60 meters. There’s also a cheaper, marginally less rugged SD version available.

GoPro Motorsports Hero: SD, 26,250 yen; HD, 36,750 yen. Available from specialist sports shops, major electronics stores and via

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This shoots point-of-view right? Then what's the point if the footage doesn't show you doing the tricks from a different perspective? All you would see with this is shaky footage of snow and sky zipping by which isn't cool at all.

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Does it have good image stabilization?

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Just strap one to your helmet ... and look like a complete moron.

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I have a digital camera that is 10yrs old that looks just like that -mine can't do video though.

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This product is really great. Recommend.

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