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Gourmet omelets in five minutes


Japanese-style omelets trace back to the Meiji Period. The dish was born in Rengatei, a Western-style restaurant in Tokyo’s ritzy Ginza district. What started as a staff meal made from leftovers grew in popularity due to its simplicity, flavor profile and affordability. Today, families all over Japan make these omelets as an easy home-cooked meal. 

While arguably it takes some skill to make the omelet fluffy, the Thanko omelet maker makes things easy. In just five minutes, you can have a tasty gourmet omelet made from leftovers in the fridge. It’s the perfect housewarming gift for those living alone with a packed schedule. 

Aside from omelets, you can also use this to make hashbrowns, pancakes and even hamburgers.

Priced at 5,980 you can buy this omelet maker on the official website

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An omelet in 5 minutes? Really? So about 2 minutes longer than just using a regular frying pan.

But wait.....

Aside from omelets, you can also use this to make hashbrowns, pancakes and even hamburgers.

Right, couldn't possibly do that in a regular frying pan. LOL

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Some kitchen gadgets that at first sight seem totally unnecessary are actually very useful.

This isn't one of those.

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We often make omelets in our Jamie Oliver cast iron frying pans. They work a treat.

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Can't beat ham and cheese omelette.

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Mixed chopped veggies (potato, sweet pepper, onion, mushroom, corn, broccoli, asparagus, whatever takes your fancy or whatever's in the fridge) fried in olive oil till almost done, pour in the egg, let the base just set. Sprinkle on cheese and finish in the oven like a pizza.


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There is a range of omelette making cookware available for microwave ovens. You can also do poached eggs in them. The small round ones produce bun-sized, bun-shaped meals and are good for singletons. Typical cost is £7 (Y1200) - £10 (Y1800). My mother uses them regularly.

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I make a lovely Frittata di pasta using the iron frying pan we bought in ケユカ

No need for gadgets you see.

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