Laser pointer for PC (pen type) Photo: Kokuyo
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Green laser pointer can be continuously used for 60 hours

By Miki Morimoto

Kokuyo Co Ltd has released a laser pointer that can be continuously used for about 60 hours with two AAA alkaline batteries.

The laser pointer for PCs (pen type) is expected to be used in large spaces such as seminar sites. Its price is ¥40,000.

The product uses a green laser light with a wavelength of 515nm so that the light can be easily seen from a distance. This time, Kokuyo used pulse waves instead of continuous waves, which is used for the company's previous product. As a result, the laser pointer can be continuously used for about 60 hours, which is about 10 times longer than in the case of the previous product.

When an accompanying receiver is connected to a USB port of a personal computer, it becomes possible to use the pointer for turning a page of presentation software such as Microsoft Corp's PowerPoint. The pointer has a function to notify the user of a low remaining battery level by using an LED lamp.

The diameter, length and weight of the laser pointer are 14.6mm, 169mm and 80g, respectively.

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They've totally lost it, with this price... A good quality Made in Taiwan green pointer for big auditoriums is only around 7000 JPY.

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HHow many watts? Without that information there is no way to know how bright it is. Like trying to sell a car with just saying it's fast.

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EEven the external link didn't have the info. Googling it, it is a yagg type laser at 0.45mW.

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If they haven't gotten the point by the 59th hour, they're not getting it by the 60th.

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Its price is ¥40,000.

Let's put this (obscene) price in perspective - it's just a laser pointer for the office that'll be used a few times a week at office presentations, not some hand-held laser surgical device that can burn through solid objects using AA size batteries. Besides, a wavelength of 515nm is venturing into the yellow wavelength band (by another 25 nm or so) which makes viewing on a large screen little harder on the eyes. I'd personally prefer a green laser pointer between 495 - 500 nm so the green light is more profound.

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