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Green tea-flavored ice cream


The newest flavor in Morinaga's Parm ice cream line-up is Matcha (green tea). On sale from Sept 17 for 180 yen.

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Hardly ground breaking. Green Tea ice cream has been around for at least 15 years that I know of. Could be more.

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Make your own at home for 1/1000th the price.

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new? wtf

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Hmm Green Tea ice cream is not new but I'm a big fan of Green Tea so would try this if given the chance! :)

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'New' for Parm, they've never had green tea before, just a standard chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bar, and one with almonds in the chocolate coating.

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. When i was in Japan in 2004 i had green tea ice cream.

One of many things i miss about Japan.


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'New' for Parm, they've never had green tea before, just a standard chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bar, and one with almonds in the chocolate coating.

No. I've eaten green tea Parm for long time.

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I haven't tried this particular product, but matcha ice cream is great.

It's been around for at least 30 years.

Great flavour!

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I'm sorry, but green tea does not belong in ice cream. Vanilla, chocolate, stawberries, cherries, cookies, peppermint, but not green tea!

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I went to my local Seiyu store but they hadn't heard of it yet. Hope it's available on September 17th. The regular Parm is at least ice cream (they say) not ice milk or light ice, etc.

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What you guys may not realize is that this green tea ice cream is the best one out there. I've tried them ALL. This is by far the best. The coating is rich, creamy yet solid, with that crackly on the bite and soft when you suck it. It has a breaking point, where it cracks open and yelids to the rich creamy green tea interior. The coating is a chocolatey green tea flavour. I would not have thought they go together, but this my friends is heaven on a stick.

The interior: Soft yet solid mass of rich creaminess. No crystalline texture, just pure velvety cream. IT's solid, doesn't melt quickly, yet is not hard to bite into straight from the ice box. When you take it out of the freezer, it's immediately edible, no need to thaw, yet it doesn't melt into water quickly at all. I had it out on the bed, not covered, for ten minutes. When biting into it, it was still firm, but with a vervet texture with enough solidity to put up a small fight. TExture my friends. In ice cream clumps.

The best part? The coating when first yIelding to the utterly delectable interior. I am used to either the coating being good and the interior poor- such as the Morinaga Chocolate almond coated ( the interior is just boring, sorry), or the inside being grand and the coating either too thin, or not tasty enough ( such as the MEiju sandwhich ice cream biscuits with their bland and disappointing outsides), but this ice cream bar defeats ALL COMPETITION.

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