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Gundam-shaped tofu with golden curry paintable sauce released in Japan

By grape Japan

Mobile Suit Gundam has an apparent infinite number of partners when it comes to collaborative creative releases. Just recently we've seen team ups between Gundam and Hello Kitty for adorable Mobile Suit figures and even King Oscar sardines for Chardines.

The Gundam collaboration continues to roll on, this time with golden Mobile Suit Gundam head-shaped tofu courtesy of Sagamiya Foods Co. While Sagamiya has released Gundam tofu in the past, this time they are making a MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki head shaped tofu, which comes with a gold powder filled curry sauce you paint onto your tofu like a plastic model.




Sagamiya, which produces several plant-based "Beyond Tofu" food and beverages, calls the series "Beyond G Tofu". They actually encourage creating food battle scenes with the new Hyaku Shiki head tofu, as the tofu is specially designed not to break when painted with the packaged golden curry sauce, which taps into the popularity of Gundam plastic models.



Sagamiya is also bringing back its Zaku head shaped tofu, which are edamame flavored.



Both are currently on sale in limited quantity at convenience stores and supermarkets throughout Japan.


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My mother told me not to play with my food so...

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How much? I want one.

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Frankly, I find everything by Beyond Tofu to be overpriced.

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