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Häagen-Dazs announces new Japonais flavour for 2016

By Oona McGee, RocketNews24

Autumn is a time when the leaves change colour, the weather cools, and in Japan, if we’re lucky, Häagen-Dazs releases new Japonais ice cream. Previous releases showcased some of Japan’s best flavour combinations with delights like matcha green tea and azuki, vanilla and kinako soybean powder with brown sugar syrup, and strawberry and azuki flavours. This year, it’s time for the Kurumi Kuromitsu Koshian, which promises to be a delightful mix of walnut, brown sugar syrup, and smooth red bean paste flavours.

The popular Japonais line of ice creams isn’t always guaranteed a release every year, so this new product looks set to be one of the most sought-after desserts this autumn. As the seventh Japonais release, this one contains vanilla and brown sugar syrup-flavoured ice creams seasoned lightly with soy sauce, along with a smooth layer of red bean paste, topped with a crunchy walnut topping and a brown sugar syrup sauce.

Available now at 7-Eleven stores across Japan for 370 yen plus tax, the new Japonais ice cream won’t be around for long, so grab one while you can, before it disappears from shelves forever.

Source: Häagen-Dazs press release

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so grab one while you can, before it disappears from shelves forever.

The reason that food that is only available for a limited time is because the company is experimenting. If it's any good, it will be back.

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Sugar, sugar, sugar!

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"red bean" ... no thank you

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