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Handkerchief resembles hamster sleeping in sawdust

By Eli Pang, SoraNews24

In Japan, nothing is more representative of the winter season than sitting beneath the cozy covers of a kotatsu and eating mandarin oranges. While we can’t squeeze into an orange skin like this one hamster, we can certainly use this handkerchief resembling a hamster napping in sawdust for clean up after snacking on mandarin oranges.


This new handkerchief by Japanese online retailer Felissimo features a hamster in mid-siesta embedded in the corner of this eye-catching piece. Set in a mute, cream color and meant to resemble the sawdust bedding of hamster cages, the cool hue of the handkerchief is pleasing to the eyes and easy to coordinate with.

The handkerchief comes in the following varieties of hamster: two shades of golden hamster, Roborovski dwarf hamster, and Djungarian hamstet. While it seems like buyers won’t be able to choose which hamster breed they receive, at least that removes the initial struggle of having to choose between these four cuties.


Perfect as a gift to the hamster-lovers in your life (or as a gift to yourself because self-love is best love), you can find these recently released handkerchiefs available here on Felissimo’s online shop, priced at 1,320 yen.

Source: PR Times

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Getting a real hamster is about the same price as this piece of cloth...

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What's the point?

1 ( +1 / -0 )

the cool hue of the handkerchief is pleasing to the eyes and easy to coordinate with.


1 ( +1 / -0 )

Aww, overload of cuteness.

Real hamsters are actually more vicious ( to other hamsters) than cute.

When the kids were little and our housing arrangements meant we couldn’t have a dog we got them a hamster apiece to love.

A month or so later they had both (the hamsters, not the kids) given birth and we had an overload of I think it was nine extra hamsters. We gave the males away to friends to avoid any further population explosion, and as the females matured they took to fighting with each other with a ferocity that was quite an eye opener.

One little sweetie had her back leg almost ripped off by a sister, and bloodletting became such a common occurrence we had to house each hamster in a separate cage.

Not quite what we had intended when we got the kids some cute little pets.

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Handkerchiefs or little towels?

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@ Cleo

Your hamsters grew up in Japan -the strong culture of ijime etc...

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