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Hands-free Bluetooth headset


Logitech's cordless Bluetooth headset allows computer chats and use of cell phones hands-free. Handles up to approximately 10 consecutive hours during use and 200 hours in standby mode. Three models on sale. Open price.

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Good advice from Wired Magazine: If you're out among normals, flaunting your tech doesn't make you look like the King of Coolsville, it makes you look like Count Clueless of Dorkylvania.


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Haha. Yes. I have heard that these are dorky. For some reason, they look dorkier on people according to how big their nose is. I have my own dorky tech devices that I like to use, though, and I don't particularly care what some salaryman or obatarian thinks of my gear anyway.

If it saves five minutes out of my day, it pays for itself in less than a week.

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Motorola S9-HD is way better than this piece of crap.

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I always thought these things looked so tacky.

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they may look tacky but don't forget driving whilst using a phone is (technically) illegal in this country, as many others

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There is nothing remotely newsworthy about yet another bluetooth headset. Why is this even here?

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Logitech is called Logicool in Japan. So the product might not be for sale in Japan.

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