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Have your marron pound cake and eat it too


As a popular autumnal seasonal ingredient, chestnuts or kuri in Japanese are used in all sorts of sweet and savory dishes like kuri gohan (chestnut rice) or kuri manju (chestnut steamed buns). Generally, when used as an ingredient for desserts, they are referred to as marron which means brown or chestnut in French.  

Autumn is still two months away, but Kagetsudo Co Ltd has released its new line of Marron Pound Cakes for a limited time. Using a combination of two types of chestnut pastes (toasted and steamed), you’ll be able to taste the natural sweetness of Japanese chestnuts. 

The pound cakes are sold in packs of nine priced at ¥378 or individually at ¥108.

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Eating chestnuts is a completely bizzarre idea in my country, but Id love to try this.

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Kuri Gohan-the best!

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Yuuju, so long as they are Chestnuts not Horse Chestnuts you are fine! They are also good roasted in winter, accompanied by mulled wine. Always have some at the local Christmas fair.

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englisc aspyrgend

O_O I didnt know they were different things! xD

Now Im even more into trying it though its impossible :D

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Autumn time is marron time in many ways. What is there not to love?

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