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Hello Kitty 1-Seg portable TV


Sanrio Corp has a new portable TV in the shape of its Hello Kitty character, for 1-Seg digital broadcasting service in Japan. “Hello Kitty Face-Shape 1-Seg TV” features a 2.4-inch display that can show subtitles, sound multiplex services as well as stereo speaker and earphone connection. The product is powered by batteries for 4.5 hours and takes an AC adapter.

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And I know people who want it....

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Taking over the world..one product at a time

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oh kawaii! all my friends will be so jealous of my kawaisa!

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I wish the screen was wider (cover the fruits to the left, if not then Hello Kitty too). Still so kawaii!

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Can show sub titles!

Very, very, very little sub titles.

Kawaii it is not. I hate that cat.

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