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Helmet prevents heat stroke


Mizuno has released a new baseball helmet which can cool down the wearer's temperature. An adiabatic sheet tucked between the plastic armoring material and the foamed polystyrene interior material helps stop temperatures from rising.

In the scorching sun of midsummer, the new product can keep the temperature in the helmet 3 degrees lower than usual helmets. It is expected to be popular with high school students and people working outside.

There is a large-size aerating hole on the top of the helmet and it weighs 400 grams, which is 14% lighter than other helmets. It covers the ears and the cheek.

Price: 9,450 yen.

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How about regular breaks, gallons of water and not playing in the middle of summer...

Baseball is a sport; a leisure activity. It is optional.

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how about a white helmet? whoops, that would that be cheaper than the high tech materials. haha

as for reducing temperature, a high arcing tent over the plate area would reduce heatstroke for batters, catchers and umpires without impeding spectators.

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sheesh just spray everybody down with a hose every inning

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hum... prevent heat stroke... water, shade, inside out of the sun, limited excessive activity... Not a sports helmet. How freaking stupid.

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Helmet prevents heat stroke

Untrue. The product can apparently "keep the temperature in the helmet 3 degrees lower than usual helmets," but that does not prevent heat stroke. If a person is dehydrated, and unable dissipate heat quickly, they can get heat stroke regardless of what helmet they are wearing.

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