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Here’s why Perfect One should be your summer shampoo


Japan has no shortage of summer products to help you survive the heat and humidity. From UV umbrellas to neck coolers and portable fans, there’s something for everyone. To make this summer a bit more bearable, switch your current shower lineup with products that have cooling ingredients.

The Perfect One Refresh Treatment Shampoo by Shin Nippon Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is a limited-edition all-in-one shampoo that not only keeps you feeling fresh but also protects your scalp and hair from further UV damage. It’s a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask in one bottle, so you won’t need to worry about replacing everything in your lineup.

Studies show that from July to September, UV damage in Japan is at its highest. Depending on the amount of UV damage, your hair can turn frizzy and dry and be prone to breakage. To combat this, the shampoo is formulated with 42 moisturizing ingredients like Complex Collagen EX and Purple Root Extract and bubbles into a dense foam that thoroughly cleanses without adding friction. 

Available from July 15 at the official online store for ¥2,640.

Source: PR Times

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Might be a good idea to wear a hat if worried about damage form sun.

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A complete rip off.

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Every little bit helps. These days I'd use this. It's not just warm out there.

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