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Here is the portable trashcan you never knew you needed


Anyone who has been to Japan would have probably noticed the lack of trashcans. Whether you're walking down the streets of Tokyo or exploring shrines in Kyoto, it’s pretty much the same story. 

The lack of trashcans (especially in train stations) is because of an incident that happened in Tokyo in 1995 involving a terrorist attack using lethal sarin gas and injuring 5,000 commuters. Since then, trashcans became a scarce commodity.

Nowadays, you’ll find trashcans at convenience stores, parks and certain train stations. Until you do, you’re expected to hold onto your trash and in some cases, bring it all the way home.


Here is the Horupo portable trashcan. It comes in two rather fashionable pouch designs using nylon fabric which makes storing your trash easy as you go about your day. The plastic bag within the pouch is replaceable and easy to install. 

Priced from ¥1,850 it’s available on the King Jim website

Source: King Jim

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No, I don’t need it. It’s a reusable bag, I already have several.

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More trash for the trash…

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If it slows the proliferation of strewn trash I am very much in favor of it.

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Charlie SommersToday 12:44 am JST

If it slows the proliferation of strewn trash I am very much in favor of it.

You know what also slows the proliferation of strewn trash? Proper trash cans.

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No, we don't need it. What we do need are proper trash cans and for places to stop relying on people's good will to properly throw the trash away and we still see people get rid of trash in those pet bottles/can trash cans in front of vending machines because there's no where else to throw it away.

I'm tired of these superfluous solutions meant to solve a problem that public spaces such as train operators and parks should be providing as a given service.

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