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High-end CD player and premain amp for lifelong music lovers


This high-end CD player CD-S3000 and premain amp A-S3000 will be out from Yamaha in early September.

CD-S3000 features the newly developed Optimized High-precision Rigid CD Mechanism for superior damping performance, and has ESS’s 32bit D/A converter SABRE32 REFERENCE DAC built-in.

Price: 451,500 yen Playable media: SA-CD, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA Size: 435W×142H×440Dmm Weight: 19.2kg

The A-S3000 is a floating and balanced power amplifier featuring Rigid Streamlined Construction that separates pre amp part and power amp part and enables shortest cabling routes.

Price: 493,500 yen Size: 435W×180H×464Dmm Weight: 24.6kg

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Nice. Much as I'd like one of these, I wonder if it'd play CDs that my kids have had their mitts on.

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Yamaha Highend?

tell me your are kidding!


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Expensive irrelevant products.

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Yamaha Highend? tell me your are kidding! please!!!!

Always good to see someone who really knows what he's talking about.

4 ( +4 / -0 ) (pic of both) ($500)

-much cheaper version of the series and the reviews are solid. The whole line-up is solid. And retro (like this) and simple is in. In fact the CD player is rather out of style now (for audiophiles it never really caught on).

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