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High speed EXILIM with powerful image stabilization


Casio Computer Co has released the EX-ZR800, a new model in its popular High Speed EXILIM line of digital cameras. With all the responsive photo-taking features of a High Speed EXILIM, the new camera also packs a powerful 18x optical zoom and comes with 5-axis, 5-stop image stabilization.

With the aim of providing digital cameras that enable people to capture fleeting moments with beautiful images, Casio has been pursuing the full potential of the compact digital camera using its original high-speed technologies. This effort is based on the company’s “Triple Zero” development objective, which seeks to minimize and eliminate shutter lag, out-of-focus shots, and image blurring due to camera shake.

The new EX-ZR800 uses highly advanced image stabilization technology to virtually eliminate the impact of camera shake, a common problem which has been the cause of many a ruined photograph.

A powerful 25 mm wide-angle, 18x optical zoom lens is fitted elegantly into the compact body. When shooting in HS Anti Shake mode, camera shake occurring along five axes (Vertical Shift, Horizontal Shift, etc.) is precisely corrected. Going even further, Casio has integrated optical image stabilization (2 stops) with its technology for combining high-speed burst images (up to 9 shots) to achieve stabilization equivalent to 5 stops slower in terms of shutter speed. This allows users to take amazingly crisp, clear photos without a tripod—even night scenes and zoom shots—making the camera ideal for capturing images like city lights while traveling or zoom photos of children playing or competing in sporting events.

The new camera also features other enhanced shooting functions. This is the first EXILIM to have a Time Lapse function that allows users to capture the movement of clouds in the sky, or people and cars at an intersection, showing long-time movement sped up. Casio has added a new “sparkling shot” filter effect to ART Shot, which lets users create original artistic photos and movies. These functions make it easy to take creative shots without changing lenses or making complicated settings.

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I wonder how all these new functions will affect its battery life. Up to now Casio models have been consistently at the top in terms of number of shots taken from a full charge.

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Dunno, GalapagosnoGairaishu, but this one is interesting. All that zoomin' power. I like zoomin'. Do you like zoomin'?

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