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Honda Super Cub


Honda has given its Super Cub 110 motorbike a new look. Different from the old green and blue models which are mostly used in the delivery industry, the Super Cub 110 has high-efficiency air-cooling technology, a low-friction 4-stroke single-cylinder, total emission 109cc engine, and electronic fuel injection. Adoption of fuel efficiency is 63.5 km/liter.

Priced at 249,900 yen.

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I always wanted one of these and looked into exporting one back home. Unfortunately, it was way too expensive. Still, If I were to ever move back to Asia or Europe, I'd get one in a heartbeat.

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This form of Honda bike, though older in the 60s to 80s with its step-through frame was the ideal bike to so many learners that are now with 35 to 40 yrs of riding experience & on larger to faster bikes, but the all realized this was such an ideal bike to learn on.

Friend of mine, spotted a Honda Passport, being one of the names, & spent another month looking for it to find it in prime condition park behind a business shop for the business owner.

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Hands together for the Honda Super Cub. The greatest motorcycle ever made. From profits on the sale of the Super Cub, Honda was able to put millions of dollars into research for their other motorcycles thus providing the world with again, some of the greatest motorcycles ever produced.

Yes, you meet some of the nicest people on Honda.

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All of South East Asia runs on these things. In Bangkok, you can see whole families ride on one, its something to be seen to believed. I am actually thinking of getting one here when my current bike breaks down, alas they have jacked up the price with these silly emission control electronics. Not cheap anymore.

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Great bike, they have that extra power and stability that the 50 cc model lacks, and Honda have a campaign where they gave away a back-pad to match the top box carrier. Good back support, you hardly have to lean back.

Be aware that you need a proper small-bike license for this, you can't ride it with a car license...

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I can't figure out why Honda isn't selling this in the US. Sure the good ol' boys out in the boondocks will never buy one, but people who live in civilization would jump to buy a light, easy to maintain, high fuel efficiency bike like the Super Cub.

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Adoption of fuel efficiency is 63.5 km/liter.


I wonder if the adoption of front/rear telescopic suspension is that much more functional than the old leading link and swing arm for the original Cub. considering it will be driven at low speeds on the street.

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I saw a program on the BBC a few years ago (might have actually been Top Gear) - they tried to do their worst to a Super Cub and it took all of it and more. They even threw it off a roof and it still ran. That's great engineering.

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I had two 50cc models, and loved them both. I got 176km/l with a clean carb and good fuel mixing. Great bike!

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They even threw it off a roof and it still ran.

It was on Discovery Channel: They made millions and the engines are of a simple design and simple is still best. In defence of Ducati, nobody wanted to lend their bike to have it thrown of a building.

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And they replaced the oil with used grease from a fish and chips shop, and the thing still ran!

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I don't like the idea of fuel injection. The beauty of these things are their simplicity.

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Hi everybody. Sorry but my english isn't good. I'm Hungarian. I have some questions if you can help me. How can I order a new super cub? 50-70-100ccm I interesting this bikes. Could you say anything about prices and shipping conditions.

Thank you the answers. Zsolti.

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