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Huggable oyster meat cushion and cute oyster compact case

By Eli Pang, SoraNews24

In early October, we published an article about a messenger bag and a handkerchief with an uncanny resemblance to oysters. Originally produced as a collaboration between Japanese online retailer Felissimo and railway company JR West, the oyster-style items were introduced as part of Felissimo’s “YOU+MORE!” series, which focuses on creating whimsical goods that aren’t only just great conversation starters at any house party but provide an amusing touch to familiar everyday objects.

Due to popular demand and to the joy of shellfish fans, Felissimo has expanded their “YOU+MORE!” oyster goods collection. Have you ever dreamed about cradling an oyster meat plush while tenderly smiling at it? Because now your dream is possible with Felissimo’s most recent addition: an oyster meat cushion.


With the right amount of squish and extra fluff to go around, this oyster meat cushion won’t just conjure up nostalgic memories for those oyster happy hour deals; the mute colors of the cushion make it super easy to complement your home’s interior regardless of what scheme you’re going for. Have it as a cuddle buddy or keep it on the couch for a casual look easy on the eyes.

Need to express your everlasting passion for oysters but want something more portable? Maybe you can’t bring your oyster meat cushion wherever you go but you can definitely fit this compact case that looks like an oyster in your bag when on the hustle.


Whether you need to use a mirror for a quick check or desire to touch up in the powder room while confusing everyone around you, this compact case does the trick.


The pearl clasp on the compact case’s lid not only keeps it firmly shut but also serves as a chic finish and an appropriate homage to oyster-hood.


On top of the refined appearance of this oyster compact case, the powder puff included is also designed to look like oyster meat! You can wash this powder puff for repeated use, making the powder puff environment-friendly.

▼ Looks can be deceiving when judging the oyster-like powder puff from first glance.


▼ Turn it around to reveal a section of microfiber cloth that is gentle not only on your make-up but also on your pores.


For those interested in displaying their love for mollusks at home or simply want to embrace the season of giving with a humorous gift, the oyster meat cushion and the oyster compact case are available on Felissimo’s online shop. The oyster meat cushion is priced at 3,080 yen while the oyster compact case is priced at 2,200 yen.

If you’re now in the mood to have some oyster, whet your appetite by feasting your eyes on a shockingly cheap all-you-can-eat-oyster deal or on this fried oyster ice cream!

Source: PR Times, YOU+MORE!

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After reading this, I'm having trouble wiping the silly smirk off my face. Sometimes even dumb stuff can be enjoyable. But I don't think I'll buy one.

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The world is your oyster if you get this stuff.

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