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Ice cream blender BJ: A simple approach to enjoy fresh ingredients

By Ben K, grape Japan

Okanetsu Industry Co Ltd, an agricultural machinery maker with a 70 year history in Okayama Prefecture, has developed an ice cream blender called BJ.

Designed with the motto of "keeping things simple so you can enjoy ingredients as they are," BJ makes it possible for anyone to easily make layered ice cream desserts with fruits and vegetables.


Creating opportunities for growth

Japanese farmers are now striving to diversify under Japan's "sixth industrialization," a government effort to encourage agricultural producers to branch out into processing, sales and distribution. Okanetsu Industry, which prides itself on reaching out to farmers and responding to their needs, developed BJ with this in mind.

In addition to offering farmers an opportunity for growth, it is being used in Okayama Prefecture and other places around Japan to revitalize local regions. The shops in Okayama, Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagano, Saitama and Kanagawa Prefectures (see list below) which serve BJ-made ice cream are also helping to promote locally grown produce.


BJ Features

Packed with the goodness of natural ingredients and easy for anyone to make

Easy to use: Simply pour in ingredients and blend

Instant grinding: Hard and frozen fruits are no match for BJ since it uses a farm tractor motor.

Direct: With its simple construction, it delivers the taste of the ingredients directly.

Change the combinations for limitless possibilities

Just pick your frozen and fresh ingredients and blend.

You can make original ice cream desserts customized to your shop

Perfect for cafes using local produce and farmers who are proud of their fruit

Promotional Video

The 2018 Good Design Award-winning BJ-70 is now being offered for the discounted price of 700,000 yen. There's also a standard model, the SF-071, available for 500,000 yen.

If you're interested in a BJ blender at home or at your shop, you can buy one online here.

Please note that Okanetsu Industry can only ship to addresses within Japan, so you'll need to go through a forwarding service if you're considering having one delivered to you abroad.

To learn more, visit the official BJ website here.

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Sounds good, but sure a lot more expensive than my old hand-crank model.

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That BJ made cream-pie in the picture looks delicious. Sloppy eaters must be careful so as not to get it all over their face.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

If you're interested in a BJ at home or at your shop

I am. I am very interested.

Moderator: You can buy one from the online store listed in the story.

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Okanetsu Industry, which prides itself on reaching out to farmers and responding to their needs, developed BJ with this in mind.

The farmers are eternally grateful, no doubt.

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Creating opportunities for growth

That’s awesome.

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In the illustration with the smiling farmers -


Ice Cream Blender

Blend and Jockey


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Only half a million yen (tax not included?) for the cheaper version!

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