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New inflatable Pikachu cute enough for kids, strong enough for adults

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By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

You’ve really got to admire how Pokemon has stayed true to its roots. It’s been almost 25 years since its debut, but the franchise has shown no interest in gritty reboots or subtly sliding adult humor into its content, remaining entirely unabashed and completely committed to its original priority of providing wholesome fun for young children.

Still, Pokemon knows that while all of its fans will eventually grow up, not all of them will grow out of their love for the Pocket Monster friends they made in their younger days, and so this adorable Pikachu toy is designed to be something both kids and adults can enjoy.


The newest creation from character merchandise design studio JAM (which stands for “joy around me”) is the Pokemon Air Pikachu. A 50-centimeter inflatable figure, it’s an adorable rendering of the series mascot, and unlike many other Pikachu toys it shows the Pokemon standing on all fours.


That stance keeps Pikachu stable, so that you can sit on him like in the picture above, And when we say “you,” we don’t just mean “your kids,” since the Air Pikachu can support weights of up to 100 kilograms.

That means that Pokémon-loving parents can use Pikachu as a chair or backrest too. Also, given the size of the Air Pikachu, it won’t look out of place as an interior decoration, if you’re too mature to actually “play” with your Pokemon merch (or at least want a plausible excuse when you have company over).

JAM also boasts that the Air Pikachu features “a subtle forest aroma.” While that might seem like a more fitting scent for a Grass-type Pokemon, Pikachu does spend a lot of time tramping through woodland areas in the Pokemon anime, and we’re not sure what “electricity” would smell like anyway.

The Air Pikachu is priced at 7,500 yen and goes on sale Oct 1 through JAM’s online store here, with shipping scheduled for mid-November. Oh, and JAM also mentions that pre-orders will open at 11 a.m. sharp, since there’s a good chance they’ll sell out quickly.

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My nephews received a pair of blue ones a few years ago when they were toddlers. In the first year or so, I had good fun and did "races" with them on the lawn, but the toys progressively shrinked and became too small for me to sit on and jump. Then they became too small for the children (that "inflated" as we fed them sell). There is no way to reinflate the toys it seems.

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