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Intermax to release 50 limited edition road bikes to celebrate 25th anniversary


Cycling is a way of life in Japan. From crowded city bike lanes to multiple cycling routes across the country, cycling is one of the best ways to stay active while exploring local hidden gems. While the most common bike you’ll see on the streets of any major city is a mamachari (mother's bicycle), you might spot more serious enthusiasts on cross bikes, road bikes or even mountain bikes. 

Based in Yamanashi Prefecture, Intermax is a bike company that imports and distributes bikes and biking-related products. To commemorate its 25 years in business in December, Intermax will release 50 special edition road bikes called the InterMax 25. 

The bike is made of a high-performance carbon frame by Toray to minimize weight along with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 components. 

With a price tag of ¥1,386,000, this high performance road bike is made for competitions. 

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A Japanese bike company, which isn't used by any high end team that races the Tour de anything important(France, for one, Giro for another). An incredibly high priced bicycle, as the pricing of roadies has risen dramatically in the past year, easily a good 5-1000 dollar rise for top end bicycles.

Intermax must be trying to take advantage of the higher pricing and up their reputation to be putting out a bicycle from a company no one who knows road bikes truly believes is 12,000 dollar worthy.

Some idiot will pay out for a 'limited edition' which has nothing else much attractive other than that label.

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Way to expensive for most riders.

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no one who knows road bikes truly believes is 12,000 dollar worthy

You're off by a few thousands, 138万 roughly translates to $10,000 at the moment. And while it is on the top end of the range, it is not offensively outrageous for a bespoke bicycle with top-tier components. Bicycles like this can easily run you $5,000.

That being said, of course a $10K bicycle will take you to the exact same places as one for a tenth of the price. But that is hardly the point.

Some idiot will pay out

Basic market rules: If someone is willing to pay that price, that goods is exactly worth that price. That makes noone an idiot, if anything it is a comment about disposable income and spending priorities.

Having worked for a luxury-car adjacent outfit that sold "luxury" bicycles for, and I kid you not, thirty times* the price of this one, I feel confident to say: These 50 bicycles will sell no problem.

*) No, not the $300 "Maserati" bicycles you can find on Amazon Japan. Those are weird, I wonder how that particular brand collaboration came about.

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It looks like it comes with a similar chain ring setup to the ones I have had experience with, sadly both were prone to buckling, and the chain ring nuts were prone to coming loose. I'd be very unhappy having forked out that much cash, should the same thing happen, to this bicycle.

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With a price tag of ¥1,386,000, this high performance road bike is made for competitions. 

It’s been made for those with deep pockets!

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