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Image: Panasonic
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Introducing Panasonic’s compact, palm-sized shaver


Panasonic’s newest addition to its shaver lineup is small but mighty. The Lam Dash Palm In ES-PV6 is a shaver built to fit in the palm of your hand, quite literally. Made with an environmentally friendly composite called “Nagori” the finish feels less like plastic and more like ceramic. Using Nagori also lessens the amount of plastic use by 40%.

Don’t let its size fool you though. It produces up to 14,000 strokes per minute giving you an equal, clean shave. USB-C powered and weighing less than 200g (without the cap), gone are the days of carrying around a bulky shaver on your travels.

The shaver costs ¥41,580 and is available on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Source: Kakaku.com

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That's a lot of money I think I'll stick to my disposable razor blades.

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I was interested until I hit the price. My electric shavers cost less than ¥5,000.

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I don’t use electric razors, they give me a rash, lol

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Gordon Bennett look it that price! Saw it and all my hair fell out from shock, now I look like that bloke who wrote Time Warp! Nicely played, lads at Panasonic.

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Holy moly. The price! Dear oh dear. Wait till I tell my pet. She'll have ah fit why eye

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