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iPod nano 6th generation watch conversion kit


emonster, a Tokyo-based product design and IT services company, recently launched its "nanox" Apple iPod nano 6th generation watch conversion kit on Amazon Japan. The kit, designed by acclaimed Japanese designer Noriaki Miyata, converts an iPod nano into a stylish watch.

Made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, with comfortable premium high-grade silicone rubber straps, the nanox is available in a choice of seven colors, matching those of the iPod nano itself. The kit includes anti-glare screen protection films, connector protection covers, and additional straps are also sold separately.

"The nanox is great for running or using at the gym, and stylish and comfortable enough to wear throughout the day and evening" says Enrique Bonansea, president of emonster. "We're very excited to launch such a high quality Japanese-designed product and hope it will be popular both within Japan and overseas."

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what exactly is the " conversion kit " for ? convert an Apple Ipod into a watch ? Or it that a watch that looks like an Ipod ?

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Style got it's price - 9.800 to be exactly (no, not mentioned and later edited off, JT-style, looked it up on az). With many other, cheaper choices around, will it sell, esp. since it only comes in one-color full set, no choice to make your own combination?

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Does Apple know about this? They are very strict like Disney in protecting their work.

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Nothing really japanese about this -- Merely copied on the TikTok watch design,

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@oberst the "watch conversion kit" it converts an Apple iPod nano 6th generation into a wristwatch. No tools or screws, it has a Snap-On locking mechanism. Very easy to use ;-)

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@Seawolf the nanox comes in 6 aluminum color cases and 7 silicone color straps. There are 30 accessory color straps combinations sold separately. The nanox also includes 2 Anti-Glare screen protection films and 2 Silicone conectore protection plugs.

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@MaboDofuIsSpicy Yes Apple knows about the nanox. In fact, the nanox is manufacture at the same factory in China where other Apple products are made. We are also working with Apple to sell the nanox at Apple Retail Stores.

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@sansamp Well the nanox was design in Japan by an acclaimed Japanese designer... Yes there are other similar products in the same category but the nanox is different. Take a look at the website to find out more or get one so that you can see the different for your self :)

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@Enrique, Thank you, you made it clear what the article failed to convey. Think I'll get one , it's nice.

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@oberst I am glad I could help :-) Thank you for your support!

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If you guys have been using an iPod nano you'll know what this is about. Basically the iPod is a small squarish music player that can display an analogy or digital watch on the screen and play music via ear piece while you're out & about. The conversion kit makes it into a watch by fitting a strap and enclose the iPod so you can wear it on your hand.

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I have one of these. Great for a gym workout. You can use it with Nike plus to record runs if you have the Nike plus shoes/dongle.

1 ( +1 / -0 ) could pay 9,800 or 525 yen. Your choice.

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You get what you pay for.

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jonobugs - exactly.

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"Aerospace grade aluminum" that is probably easily bent and damaged.

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@cactusJack The nanox is made from aluminum 6061 alloy, the same alloy that is used in all Apple products. The nanox is made at the same factory as other Apple products.

6061 is a precipitation hardening aluminum alloy, containing magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. It has good mechanical properties.

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