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Iron with enhanced steam function


Toshiba Home Appliance is selling two upgraded irons with steam functions enhanced by 1.4 times to 0.7 mm. The irons can be used to smooth creases of garments on hangers and remove odors more easily. By modifying the steam-generation mechanism, the iron can be used from a distance of 1.3 meters, 2.2 times further than conventional irons.

The new model is a modified version of the cordless LACOO series. The steam water tank uses antimicrobial glass, which lessens water scale deposits. The model TA-FVX83 (photo) features a garment steamer function to remove creases on hanging clothes with boron coating on the ironing surface, for better gliding on fabrics.

Open price, but expected to be around 16,000 yen. The retail price of the streamlined model TA-FVX73is expected to be about 12,000 yen.

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the iron can be used from a distance of 1.3 meters, 2.2 times further than conventional irons.

For people who need to iron but can't be bothered to get up off the couch.

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I haven't ironed anything in 30 years. No thanks for this thing.

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$180 for an iron ? only in japan

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This is a typical example of a press release that is out of touch with the consumers who will buy it. Buyers of irons have no basis for comparison of how far it sprays jets of steam -- what they want to know about is its ergonomics, i.e., by how many grammes it's been lightened compared with predecessor models, improved non-stick properties of its teflon heating surface, etc.

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LOL, Atria!

I just got a new iron but passed this one up because it was hard to push the buttons on the front. I got a Panasonic instead.

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Some things just don't need to be improved anymore. Irons, toothbrushes.. why does a shaver need 4 or even 5 blades?? 3 blades was a Saturday Night Live JOKE years ago.

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Oh, and 4 blades was a joke on the Onion (satirical newspaper) but even 4 blades is real now! Sorry, off topic.

If they want to improve something how about the ironing BOARD. Stop the damn thing screeching like a banshee... and make the board so it can double as a REAL surf board.

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