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It’s time for Japanese convenience store fried super sweet corn and chicken sticks

By grape Japan

The hot food corner of a Japanese convenience store is often filled with surprising limited edition treats, such as Final Fantasy fried chicken and pudding-filled Chinese steamed buns. Japanese convenience store chain Mini Stop is now adding the corniest snack yet...literally, with this extremely gooey super sweet fried corn stick.

The stick consists of 80% super sweet corn, and while you might think the fried corn-on-the cob stick is connected with cheese, it's actually minced chicken paste.

The fried corn and chicken sticks will go on sale at Mini Stops throughout Japan starting May 29 for 150 yen.

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it is the crazy things like this, i miss about Japan.

And it does look like i be back anytime soon. :(

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And it does look like i WILL NOT be back anytime soon

i must double check for more than just spelling.

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