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Japan’s melon bread spread may be the greatest thing since sliced bread

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By grape Japan

One of the stars of any Japanese bakery or bread section at a convenience store is melon pan, or Japanese melon bread. Melon bread gets its name from its melon-like shape and flavor, and is often compared to Mexican conchas or pineapple buns in Hong Kong. The sugary buns are a definite favorite of sweet bread fans.

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Japanese import store Kaldi Coffee Farm is giving melon bread lovers an all new game-changing way to enjoy the treat. Following in the footsteps of their hit curry spread, Kaldi has released a new Melon Pan spread that turns any slice of bread into delicious melon bread.

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The latest in their Nurette Yakitara (spread it and bake it) series works just as like the name says. Open up the spread and apply it generously a slice of bread and then toast or bake it to make your very own melon pan. We decided to use a slice of fluffy white bread.

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Opening up the package, we were greeted by a particularly sweet aroma of melon bread, and a sugary white spread that feature crystal-like texture very similar to that you'd find on melon bread.

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When toasting, the melon bread fragrance becomes much stronger--pleasantly, that it is. Tasting it, we expected it to only be sweetened with sugar, but we could taste the melon bread flavor quite well. Even after toasting, the spread maintains the crispy texture of melon pan. While it doesn't quite look like your typical melon bread, biting into it you'd think it's the real deal, so this game-changing spread comes with the highest recommendation for melon bread lovers.

Photo: grape Japan

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