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Japan’s newest perfume will make you smell like a movie bootlegger

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Generally speaking, perfume producers want to create an atmosphere of refined elegance and/or playful beauty around their products. That’s something you can feel even in the name of Tokyo fragrance company Fairy Tail and its online shop, Dreaming Princess.

And yet, Fairy Tale’s latest muse isn’t a famous female monarch, gossamer emotional state, or natural floral phenomenon. It’s someone who pirates movies.


In addition to previews for coming attractions, movies in Japanese theaters are often preceded by a message from the No More Eiga Dorobo (No More Movie Thieves) project. The intentionally cheesy videos remind moviegoers that recording and uploading copyrighted content is a crime, with Camera Man (as the camcorder-headed pirate character is known) invariably caught in the act by the ever-diligent Patrol Lamp Man.

▼ One of the pre-movie No More Eiga Dorobo videos


Fairy Tale describes its No More Eiga Dorobo Eau de Parfum Camera Man as being based on the mysterious, suspicious, and stylish image of the character, which it has interpreted as a mix of spicy, floral, and citrus scents, with the aroma profile listed as:

● Top notes: Geranium, cardamom, lavender, chypre

● Middle notes: Rose, clove, iris

● Last notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, powdery musk

Fans of Patrol Lamp Man will be happy to know that the law-abiding character is also the basis for a fragrance.


In Patrol Lamp Man’s case, the fragrance designers set out to create a scent that conveys his strong sense of conviction and sincerity, expressed through:

● Top notes: Cardamom, elemi, citrus

● Middle notes: Jasmine, lily of the valley precious wood

● Last notes: White musk, smokey notes, amber


A pair of public service announcement characters getting their own perfumes speak to how memorable the No More Eiga Dorobo videos are. At the same time, the fact that Camera Man, at least in the eyes of Fairy Tale’s marketing team, has a mysterious and stylish aura suggests that maybe the No More Eiga Dorobo project hasn’t been overly effective in positioning its ostensible villain as a bad guy.

All that aside, the Camera Man and Patrol Lamp Man perfumes can be purchased through Fairy Tale’s online shop here, each priced at 3,850 yen.

Sources: PR Times via J-Cast via Livedoor News via Hachima Kiko

Images: PR Times

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I was not aware that a movie bootlegger had a specific odor. Good to know? Or hard to believe?

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Does it smell like buttered movie popcorn?

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