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Japan’s popular drinkable ice cream Coolish debuts frozen cocktails in boozy pouches

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By grape Japan

Lotte's Coolish is one of Japan's favorite ice cream products. The "drinkable" ice cream is actually a mixture of ice cream and crushed ice that you squeeze directly out of a pouch right into your mouth for a refreshing treat. While the standard is a milky vanilla, it comes in many other tasty flavors.

Coolish is now getting a new boozy twist in a new incarnation, as Lotte will be releasing Japan's first ever frozen cocktail Coolish packages for a trial spin.


The new alcoholic Coolish deliver frozen cocktails in signature Coolish packages, which preserve a smooth and liquidy texture for frozen content,. Fans of Japan's popular canned cocktails will be happy to know that the lineup is made up of two popular flavors, lemon sour and grapefruit sour, which are mixed with finely crushed ice the standard Coolish ice cream is -- Frozen Lemon Sour and rozen Grapefruit Sour

Lotte envisions the alcoholic Coolish's pouch packages as a way to enjoy frozen cocktails not possible with cans or bottles, and a refreshing alternative in a number of scenarios such as festivals, sporting events, outdoor gatherings, or simply at home after a nice bath.


The 5% alcohol Coolish frozen cocktails will initially be sold at corporate stores, e-commerce sites, ballparks, and music festivals for a trial run beginning June 27 in Japan.

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In other word a float,Dr Pepper Root Beer or Coke Cola Float are the favorite,or your own ice cream machine,these machines,only required heavy cream and your favorite ingredients, imagine 3 am craving for ice ,I scream,you scream everybody reading this screaming for ice cream

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