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Japan’s weirdest gadget maker has a new fan just to dry off your legs

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Now that we’re mid-way through May, it won’t be long until Japan enters a months-long stretch of hot and humid weather. When you’ve been sweating profusely, one of the best ways to refresh yourself is with a nice shower, but here’s the problem with that strategy: Japan gets so hot and humid that once you step back out of the shower, before you can even towel yourself off you’ll probably be sweating again.

Thankfully, as is so often the case, Japanese gadget maker Thanko is here with a solution both weird and wonderful. One of their newest offerings is the Noreru Senpuki, or “Fan that You Can Stand On.”


At first glance, it almost looks like a bathroom scale. Instead of a digital readout showing your weight, though, the Fan that You Can Stand On is equipped with vents that shoot jets of cool air upwards.


Travelling at speeds of up to 35 meters per second, the airflow is positioned to blow over your legs, cooling and drying parts of the body that both shower and sweat moisture can drip down into and escape the reach of your towel. Ostensibly, this cool air would also blow upwards into your crotch. As any guy who’s been to a public bath or hot spring in Japan can attest to, if there’s a fan in the changing room, there will almost always be at least one middle-aged dude standing in front of so that there’s a comforting breeze on his nether-regions, so Thanko’s Fan that You Can Stand On will likely be a crowd-pleaser within that demographic too.


The fan has two settings, low and high power, and you turn it on simply by standing on it. Step off, and the fan stops. The unit also has drainage holes and is designed so that you can hop on it even while your body is still wet without fear of damaging its internal mechanisms.

▼ Strength setting switch


The compact dimensions and light weight (1.2 kilograms] also mean it’s easy to stow out of the way when you’re not using it.

▼ “Thanks for drying me off, Thanko!”


The Fan that You Can Stand On is priced at 12,800 yen and can be ordered through Thanko’s online store here.

Source: PR TimesThanko

Insert images: PR Times, Thanko

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Japanese love their gadgets.

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Any weight limit?!

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Sounds good to me. I always have to wait awhile for my legs to dry.

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I would be good for oldies with mobility issues too.

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I usually dry myself and then dress unlike the models in the pics…

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