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Japanese anti-plague demon Amabie demon now has its own pudding

By grape Japan

Amabie, a humanoid fish yokai (demon or spirit from traditional Japanese folklore), has found itself the understandable recipient of a recent merchandise boom. The scaly yokai is said to have appeared off the coast of Kumamoto during the Edo period, telling those that witnessed it "If an epidemic ever spreads, draw a picture of me and show it to everyone." In hopes of battling the coronavirus, many artists have been drawing impressive illustrations of Amabie, and the anti-plague creature now has various goods featuring its likeness, including beer and donuts.

You can now add a rich and "healthy" pudding to the list of Amabie treats courtesy of Japanese confectionery maker Nakauraya.

The new two-layer pudding contains yuzu jelly and is packed with Vitamin C (tapping into the idea of boosting your immune system). Amabie's true powers remain to be seen, but you can at least enjoy its ghoulish presence in the form of a citrusy pudding.


The yuzu and Vitamin C Amabie pudding is available for a limited time from Nakauraya's online shop.

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