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World’s first bucket hat made from recycled umbrellas

By grape Japan

If you've ever spent time in Japan on a rainy day, you've likely seen the clear vinyl and plastic umbrellas that are commonly used. While not particularly sturdy, the clear umbrellas can be found at convenience stores and only cost a few hundred yen, so they can be very helpful when you're caught in a sudden downpour.

However, while they're sold at convenience stores, they are unfortunately often abandoned there as well. Plastic umbrellas tend to break easily, and because they have an image of being disposable, are sometimes left behind when no longer usable or when the rain subsides.

Fashion brand Plasticity, which turns material from discarded plastic umbrellas into clothing and accessories, aims to battle the issue of plastic waste amassed from an estimated 80 million umbrellas. Their latest release does just that and keeps your head dry for the upcoming rainy season: the Umbrella Bucket Hat.



The Umbrella Bucket Hat is made entirely from recycled plastic umbrellas, and uses a layering technique to strengthen durability, while retaining its waterproofness. The hat serves as both a practical "mini" umbrella during light rain while providing a stylish look.





The umbrella bucket hat is available for online order from Plasticity for 11,000 yen.

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So, it is an expensive plastic hat that apparently doesn't even cut out the sunlight (but leaves the head without any ventilation?

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So this is new?

40 years ago in Africa and India I saw people making hats out of the material from umbrellas just not useless plastic ones that don't protect for the sun and will give the wearer heatstroke.

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