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Japanese candy shop Shalala-sha’s 'edible gems' make charming gifts

By Ben K, grape Japan

Shalala-sha is a candy shop specializing in kohaku-to 琥珀糖 (literally "amber sugar"), a kind of candy made from pure sugar and kanten 寒天 (Japanese agar), sometimes blended with coloring and flavoring. Soft and jelly-like on the inside but with a harder sugary coating, they are translucent, hence the name "amber sugar."

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Although Kohaku-to are traditionally made into square or traditional shapes and have subtle flavors like tea or sakura, Shalala-sha has elevated the candy into something quite special, using bright colors, shapes like stars, ribbons, cats, butterflies, polar bears, clovers, and goldfish, and incorporating fruit purees and liqueurs in the jelly for greater variety and interest.

They also have a series shaped like gems and beautifully presented in apothecary-style jars

Collaboration with Maruchi Coffee

This summer, they have collaborated with specialty coffee shop Maruchi Coffee on two new varieties, one geared towards "adult" tastes made with coffee and liqueur, and the other one featuring "summer-themed" flavors.

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Otona no kohaku-to 大人の琥珀糖

The jar of otona no ("adult") kohaku-to include their "Bitter Coffee," made with a generous amount of the coffee shop's summer blend "Kumo-no-ue Guatemalan French Roast," and their "Irish Coffee" made with their house coffee blend and genuine whiskey.

Natsu no kohaku-to 夏の琥珀糖

The jar of natsu no (summer) kohaku-to are a visually attractive assortment of four flavors perfect for summer: lychee, muscat grape, soda (ramune), and grapefruit.

Each jar costs 1,480 yen plus tax

These two special collaboration jars are available from July 7th at Shalala-sha's store in Sasazuka, Tokyo and may also become available through their online sales.

Address : 1-42-7-101 Sasazuka Shibuya-Ku Tokyo 151-0073

Hours: Wed., Thur., Fri. 14:00 to 21:00, Sat. Sun. 12:00 to 19:00 / Closed Mon., Tue.





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Each jar costs 1,480 yen plus tax.

That is way too

high for a sugar fix....!

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Sugar covered agar agar. Last week made agar agar with cucumber, very nice in the hot weather.

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