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Japanese company makes a robot specifically to keep your cat entertained

By Katy Kelly, SoraNews24

Since the dawn of the personal cleaning robot, people have been taping things to the top of them to increase their functionality. There’s the classic DJ Roomba, where you stick a boombox or speaker on top of the little guy so it can warble as it works.

Or for the enterprising and questionably effective serial killer, there’s the option of duct-taping a knife to the surface of your personal cleaner.

But could you feasibly use an automatic floor vacuum to entertain your pets—and in particular, your adorable cat? The short answer is…no. Since the primary purpose is to clean floors, many floor vacuums will just suck up any feathery toy you tape to it, and then whir miserably as they try, and fail, to digest it.

Thank goodness, then, for cat goods company Neko no Tomosya (“Cat-Friendly Company”). They’ve made a small, static robot specifically to do the demanding work of keeping your darling kitty entertained.

Over 10,000 units of this product, the Nekojara Sitter (Cat Teaser Toy Sitter) have been sold at the time of writing. This toy features holes in the side of the product, and colorful feathers emerge from these holes at random, providing hours of heart-palpitating entertainment for your furbaby.

Cat owners who have used the product report that their pets don’t tire of chasing the feathers even after extended use and also that they get up to less mischief after playing with it. It seems that the Nekojara Sitter makes for pretty effective stress relief for cats!

A brand new model is now for sale, the Nekojara Sitter 2.0. This new model has three different speed settings: a medium-speed mode, a fast mode, and a slow mode. You can set the robot at any speed to activate at set intervals while you’re away, ensuring your cat has plenty of stimulation while you’re at the office. The upgraded version also has a reduced operating volume—something that any noise-sensitive cats, plus their owners, will be delighted to learn.


The product requires four AA batteries to run and can be purchased online from retailers like Rakuten Japan and Yahoo! Shopping for a suggested price of 3,980 yen. It also comes with one replacement feather toy. If your cat needs help to work off those extra zoomies, this might be a purr-chase to consider.

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Source: @Press, Neko no Tomosya

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Put a laser pointer on top and they can keep chasing it at night time when cats are normally active anyway.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Whack-a-mole” for cats!

0 ( +1 / -1 )

So, why not have these cat toy ‘geniuses’ merge their feather duster ‘technology’ WITH Roomba?

Together, they can finally ‘clean the neglected corners’ of room where the ‘dust bunnies’ like to cower?

Later, when it’s in the stationary, low-power mode at the re-charging station, it can ‘entertain the cat’ with a periodic poke out of its hole?

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Do cats even play than to just stare? Such toys are for either kids or puppies.

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

Put some catnip inside and the cat will definitely be hooked!

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

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