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Japanese convenience store releases new rich and sweet drinkable soft serve ice cream

By grape Japan

Of all the myriad of beverage options found Japanese vending machines and convenience stores, one of the most eye-catching can be the "drinkable" version of food not necessarily considered a beverage. In the past we've seen intriguing (and sometimes curious) releases such as drinkable roasted sweet potatoescheesecake, and canned tonkotsu ramen broth and curry.

Japanese convenience store Mini Stop might be home to one of the most understandable varieties, offering a drinkable version of their popular soft serve vanilla ice cream. On Tuesday, the convenience store released a new and upgraded version with a richer, sweeter taste.

Nomu soft cream ("Nomu" meaning "drink", and "soft cream" being what soft serve ice cream is called in Japan) doesn't actually pack Mini Stop's signature soft serve ice cream into a carton, but recreates it's rich and creamy vanilla flavor and texture in the form of a dessert dairy drink. The new version uses fresh cream from Hokkaido, which is famous for its high quality and particularly smooth and sweet taste. As an added bonus, the new cartons (which come with a straw) pack an extra 10 grams of drinkable soft serve in them.

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I would rather just have the ice cream...this kind of sounds like drinking a melted soft serve. Ugh.

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This sounds like a good way to enjoy your ice cream as long as you don't do it too fast. Gotta avoid a headache.

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I’d gag if I had to drink this….

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